Dow will continue to invest in silicone technologies

2019-01-07 10:27:15 Dylan 15

Currently, Dow's capacity in silicones isn't enough to meet industry demand. "In a way, that's a good problem to have,"This is what Schattenmann said in an interview at the International Elastomer Conference on Oct. 9 in Louisville, Ky.

After his Oct. 9 speech at the IEC,Schattenmann also gave the interview and outlined how Dow's drove to its constant advances in silicone technology by devotion to fundamental polymer science.

Siwarde group |  Siwarde factory |  Siwarde IndustryIn order to cater to market development and demand,Dow announced major expamsions in its silicone operations. Hydroxyl functional polymer plant in Carrollton, Ky., and specialty resin plant in Zhangjiagang, China, are building to increase capacity in the company's high-value performance silicone products and intermediates,as well as upgrading silicones production at its facility in Barry, Wales.

Schattenmann said : the expansions "will help unlock new opportunities we can't fulfill now. We have to kick out an existing opportunity to follow a new one. With the expansions, we can pursue new opportunities with existing suppliers and add new opportunities to the deck."